The expansion of Emerito’s international network continues with a new partnership agreement in Mexico

Emerito S.L. continues to expand its network of international collaborators as a result of the exporting effort that, during the last 20 years, has been carried out with special care and dedication. This time it has been in Mexico where a new commercial agent with a long trajectory in this country, and with a very important and extensive experience in the distribution and sale of packaging equipment, has wanted to represent Emerito S.L exclusively, considering that our brand meets better than any other the quality requirements that the domestic market was demanding, with very specific and cutting-edge food packaging technologies, and with highly competitive prices.

For Emerito S.L. the agreement comes to support and give continuity to the commercial efforts that have been carried out for years in the country and that now, in addition, will have a much more immediate and direct support from the hand of our new collaborating agent, both in sales and after-sales services. "This close attention that Emerito S.L. can and wants to offer to customers from all over the world, which is one of our hallmarks, undoubtedly marks an essential competitive difference, which, we are sure - our General Manager has indicated - will open more doors than we have been able to open directly in this country to which we are particularly fond of".

Given Mexico's potential as a food packer, and excited about this new collaboration, both parties are convinced that, in the near future, the projects that were pending response and some new ones, will bear fruit as we will be able to monitor them directly and closely. With this agreement, we will be able to react more quickly to the needs that may arise from the Mexican market and we know that this rapid response will be especially valued.

This was the objective: to consolidate the presence of Emerito, S.L. in those latitudes and to generate new customers from the hand of who already worked with the main references in the country, offering the best of our technology manufactured in Spain with the best sales and after-sales service provided by our new Mexican partner.

Quality technology, close customer service and competitive prices are, without a doubt, a good letter of introduction in our sister country, whose fruits will not take long to materialise.