Emerito 1.8 G Capper

Emerito 1.8 G Capper is a sealing machine for glass or PET formats with TWIST OFF and PT sealing system and similar.

Ideal for capping a wide range of formats, requiring no additional tools or accessories:

  • LIDS: from 27 mm to 110 mm diameter, and height from 5 mm to 18 mm.
  • CONTAINERS: from 30 mm to 160 mm diameter, and height from 40 mm to 260 mm.

The capper has an independent and adjustable positioning from the outside of the machine of all the mechanisms used in the sealing, providing it with a high operation reliability.

Made out of stainless steel.


  • Automatic lid feeder.
  • Lid presence-absence detector in the feeder.
  • Exclusive "pre-lid screw-on control" system in the presealing assembly.
  • Liquid recovery tray (cooling water, overflows, etc.).
  • Dynamic elements synchronised with frequency variators.
  • Centralised electric controller.
  • Motorisation for different containers heights adjustment.
  • Lateral belts regulation from central steering wheel.


  • Fitting for vapour inlet to pre-heat the lids and facilitate the safety vacuum.
  • Double belt side traction for container transport.
  • Rotating expansion disc for container feeding.
  • Maximum production of 4,800 units/hour (Lid ref. diameter 38).

Emerito 1.8 G Capper Features

  Capacity PLC Capping types Complements and versions
Emerito 1.8 G Capper Up to 70 cpm No Twist Off, pressure Steam injection + extraction (optional) ACT System (Antislip Chain Traction), to work with containers covered with oil or any other slippery sustances (optional).
Emerito 1.8 G ACT Capper Up to 50 cpm