Emerito 2.8 SM Capper

Capping machine for formats in glass, pet, etc., with the TWIST OFF and PT sealing system. 

Equipped for sealing all formats normally used in food processing, without having to incorporate additional tools or accessories.

It exclusively includes the fully automatic, intelligent format change system, which precisely adjusts the container height and width and the relative position of the side belts according to the height and shape of the format to seal.

Time for format change: 3 minutes, 30 seconds.

An alternative version, the EMERITO 2.8 ACT, is specifically designed to seal containers that are impregnated with oil or similar substances.

Emerito 2.8 SM Capper Features

  Capacity PLC Capping Types Complements and versions
Emerito 2.8 SM Capper Up to 200 cpm Intelligent format change with motorisation option. Twist off

Complete motorisation to change to aditional formats (optional).

ACT System (Antislip Chain Traction), to work with containers covered with oil or any other slippery sustances (optional).

Mechanic or pneumatic caps hopper, to be determinated following requirements.

Complete motorisation included.

Emerito 2.8 SM ACT Up to 170 cpm