The expansion of Emerito’s international network continues with a new partnership agreement in Mexico

Emerito S.L. continues to expand its network of international collaborators as a result of the exporting effort that, during the last 20 years, has been carried out with special care and dedication. This time it has been in Mexico where a new commercial agent with a long trajectory in this country, and with a very important and extensive experience in the distribution and sale of packaging equipment, has wanted to represent Emerito S.L exclusively, considering that our brand meets better than any other the quality requirements that the domestic market was demanding, with very specific and cutting-edge food packaging technologies, and with highly competitive prices.

For Emerito S.L. the agreement comes to support and give continuity to the commercial efforts that have been carried out for years in the country and that now, in addition, will have a much more immediate and direct support from the hand of our new collaborating agent, both in sales and after-sales services. "This close attention that Emerito S.L. can and wants to offer to customers from all over the world, which is one of our hallmarks, undoubtedly marks an essential competitive difference, which, we are sure - our General Manager has indicated - will open more doors than we have been able to open directly in this country to which we are particularly fond of".

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Corporate video creation

Summarising the essence of our company in just three minutes is no easy task. Summarising sixty years of EMERITO, S.L. in a few images is undoubtedly a difficult challenge, to show the world who we are, why we are here and what we offer.

However, the images speak for themselves. We were born next to the River Ebro, next to its orchards. We responded to the need of those companies that wanted to add value to those products that we liked to boast about so much and from here, from this Ebro Valley, we offered to those who, in other latitudes, were looking for those same solutions and other different ones to which we also knew how to adapt ourselves. It was not easy, but we did it. We cover every need with equipment conceived and designed with all our care.

Every day, just like the first, we continue to strive to find the quality of each mechanism and we do so on the basis of a highly qualified human team and, of course, committed to this same goal of continuing to provide technological solutions for food packaging processes in every corner of the world.

This is EMERITO, S.L., that is how we are and that is how we want to remain.

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We expand our international business network in India

Emerito en India

EMERITO, S.L has just signed a collaboration agreement with a major Indian company for the distribution of its packaging equipment in this country and adjacent countries. This agreement will undoubtedly strengthen the presence of EMERITO, S.L in India and its surroundings, favoring on the one hand its expansion process and achieving, on the other, the improvement of the attention for those customers who for more than 15 years had already been trusting in our brand.

The signing of this agreement responds to the continuous work that the management has been doing in recent years and especially throughout 2020 and 2021, to promote the internationalization of all its products, not so much at European level or areas of North and South America, where our presence is already more than remarkable since years ago , but in the eastern markets where to date, our presence was relatively small and where the margin of expansion was important.

This collaboration agreement with the Indian firm will allow that not only in this country but in those surrounding countries, with a great potential for growth and with important food companies installed there, have the reference of a European technological manufacturer, of proven quality and experience in the packaging process and, what is more important , with sufficient capacity to give the best after-sales service with the immediacy always necessary. For EMERITO, S.L, gaining a presence in India and its environment, as a provider of technological solutions for food packaging, was a challenge that with the signing of this agreement will be confirmed.

The work schedule is perfectly defined and after the first steps are already arriving at our company the first projects in which to work. Due to the feelings received from our collaborator, the conviction that soon the first orders will be confirmed is something that reaffirms the correctness of the decision taken.

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Emerito S.L. bets on energy efficiency and modernity

Emerito S.L. bets on energy efficiency and modernity

Recently, Emerito, S.L. has contributed in favor of energy efficiency through different investments made during the month of December. As a sign of its commitment to energy savings and efficiency in its consumption, it has addressed the change of all the luminaires of the manufacturing plant and offices to LED technology, promoting not only better working conditions but also energy savings that implies a step forward in the business commitment to the defense of the environment. A commitment that we also intend to bring to all the equipment we manufacture.

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Emerito will be at FoodTech fair in Barcelona

As usual, we will be present at the FoodTech fair, that will take place in Barcelona from 8th to 11th May 2018.

There, the assistants will have the oportunity to obtain all the information about our company, as well as to see live demonstrations of our machinery.

We will be attending at Hall 5 Stand E531.

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New Emerito semiautomatic capper

Cerradora semiautomática Emerito

In order to cover any type of production, EMERITO manufactures since January 2017, its first model of semiautomatic capper, the Emerito S1 capping machine.

This semiautomatic machine is designed to close Twist Off containers and it´s doted with a magnetic head where the operator insert the cap and push the buttons situated on both sides of the machine, thus enabling the sealing head its activation with plane security guarantee.

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